0 KM FOOD PRODUCTS TOUR (Tolosa // Getaria)

It is well-known that Gipuzkoa has been a commercial area since the 12th century. This crossroad between Navarre, Castilian and French lands has been able to maintain the traditional ideas and ways.

Tolosa is the best example. On the guided visit to the town of Tolosa, we will discover its popular Tinglado market. All the farmers and artisans of the region get together to sell their seasonal foods and products, both fresh and handmade. While we still have the taste of fresh produce in our mouths, we will walk through the narrow streets of Tolosa to the Gorrotxategi confectionery museum. Come and taste the most popular and typical products of the town: Tejas and Cigarrillos.

From the inland, we will travel to the coast. The tour will take us to the medieval town of Getaria, where we will discover the two most important local products: the fish and the Txakoli.

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